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Catch up on Wok Wednesdays recipes

New to the group or just trying to catch up on any recipes you might have missed? Make sure to look at the Recipe Schedule page for an updated list of all the recipes we’ve made so far.

Happy stir-frying!

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January 2021 Recipe

Sorry this one is a bit late y’all, but if you’ve joined our Facebook page you already got the heads up! This month we’ll be cooking:

  • Mrs. Miu’s Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashews, p. 71

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October 2020 Recipe

Whoo-boy, I’m six days late with this one! Many apologies, but in my defense we’re in the middle of a pandemic and time seems to mean nothing these days. Monday could be 12 years long and then you blink and it’s Saturday.

Anyways, Grace & I have decided to stick with the one recipe a month strategy again, given that so many of our lives are a bit chaotic these days.

For October we’ll be making:

  • Henry Hugh’s Lotus Root with Sugar Snaps, p. 139

You can also check out the Recipe Schedule, where we’ve posted the recipes through the end of the year!

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September 2020 Recipe

We’re going to stick with one recipe per month again for September – we know everyone has a lot going on!

This month we’ll be making:

  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls, p. 210

As always follow along with the discussion on our Facebook page, and as an extra incentive we just announced a giveaway for a gorgeous Newquist Forge wok! The announcement is on Facebook as are details for how to enter.

August 2020 Recipe

Happy August! Both Grace and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We’ve decided to keep the monthly recipe to one dish during the pandemic, we know people have a lot going on right now. This month we’ll be making:

  • Mrs. Miu’s Stir-Fried Fish and Eggplant, p. 114

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July 2020 Recipe

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the year, and what a year it has been! First off – Grace and I both send best wishes and lots of love to our Wok Wednesdays family during these difficult times. Things might be hard, but hopefully a simple, delicious stir-fry can bring a bit of joy to you and your family.

This month we’re making Danny Chan’s Steamed Salmon with Lemon from page 202 of “Breath of a Wok”. Originally scheduled for April, we delayed this recipe as we weren’t sure of what would be available in supermarkets during the pandemic.

If you’re unable to find salmon you could also use sea bass, striped bass, or cod. It’s a nice quick meal for the summer heat and would go well with some rice and a stir-fried vegetable.

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Happy wokking, and wear a mask!

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone and we are plugging our way through “The Breath of a Wok”! We’ve got a bunch of fun recipes coming up, and we actually went ahead and scheduled recipes through June. If you’re the kind of person who likes to work ahead, then check out the recipe schedule.

January brings the Chinese New Year on January 25th and this year is the Year of the Rat. To celebrate we’ll be cooking Virginia Yee’s Moo Shoo Pork with Mandarin Pancakes (page 84).

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Cheers to another year of stir-fry fun!

Recipes for the rest of 2019

Can you believe it, Grace and I are ahead of the ball! (Well, sort of, since I’m posting this on October 2nd)

We’ve got recipes scheduled through the end of year, so you can look ahead (and work ahead if that’s your style) to see what we’ll be up to for the next few months. As has been custom, we’re only doing one recipe a piece for November and December. We know the holidays get busy, so we always like the lighten the load. Bonus – November’s recipe makes for a great holiday gift!

So without further ado, check out our schedule for the rest of 2019:


  • Auntie Bertha’s Ginger Drumettes with Oyster Sauce, p. 162
  • Chau Chow-Style Pork Spring Moon, p. 81


  • Candied Walnuts, p. 215


  • Stir-Fried Shrimp with Garlic Sauce, p. 106

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August 2019 Recipes

Another month, another pair of delicious recipes! We’ve got one thats a bit more challenging and one that is always a crowd pleaser!

  • Danny Chan’s Ginger and Scallion Crabs, p. 184
  • Kung Pao Chicken, p. 74

The key to the Ginger and Scallion Crabs are fresh blue crabs, which can be difficult to find if you don’t live near a coastal area. Feel free to substitute other fresh crab as you can find it (eg. Dungeness), but we definitely recommend staying away from previously-frozen crab.

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July 2019 Recipes

Holy moly its already July! Hope you’re beating the heat and not melting like those of us living in the Southern US, but either way summer is one of the best times to fire up your wok.

This month we’re making:

  • Shrimp and Pine Nuts Shang Palace, p. 114
  • Mama’s Noodles with Mushrooms and Ham, p. 123

We’ve also got a great giveaway donated by one of our very own Wok Wednesdays members Jason Wong, owner of HCS Food Co. He’s donated TWO jars of delicious Chili Oil Sauce that will go to two lucky WW members at the end of the month.

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