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Monthly Archives: July 2013

LYL – Cilantro Chili Noodles

A refreshing recipe for the heat of summer! As we delve further into Stir-Frying from the Sky’s Edge, our recipes are getting a little more adventurous. What did you think of this week’s recipe? Leave your thoughts below along with a link to your blog post (if you wrote one).

– Matt

LYL – Macanese Chicken

This certainly was an exciting recipe! I also love the recipes that embrace the global Chinese diaspora and exhibit just how versatile a wok can be.

What did you think? Did you use Spanish chorizo or Mexican? What was your take on the paprika – sweet, regular, pimenton?

Leave your thoughts below and/or a link to your blog post. I’ll add photos as people post them to Facebook or their blogs.

– Matt