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Monthly Archives: April 2013

LYL – Velvet Chicken with Asparagus

As we close in on our first birthday, its only appropriate that we begin to tackle some of the more complicated techniques, like velveting. If I’m not mistaken this is our second recipe that involves the velveting techinque, and from the early responses on our Facebook page folks are loving the results! What did you think about this week’s recipe? Leave a link to your blog post below, or just leave a comment telling us how you fared!

– Matt

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Wok Wednesdays Month-Long Birthday Celebration

On May 16th Wok Wednesdays officially turns one! Over the past year we have grown together as a group, exploring some of the amazing recipes in Grace Young’s Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, and learning more about the ancient and fascinating cooking style of the stir-fry.

Photos: Steven Needham

Photos: Steven Needham

Over the next month there will be lots of fun content to celebrate our first birthday, including a look-back on what we’ve accomplished, a preview of what to come, videos, discussion, and more. But I’d like to get the festivities started with something REALLY fun – another giveaway! Over the past few weeks we’ve had a bunch of new people join Wok Wednesdays, some of whom don’t have a wok yet, so I’m excited to announce that Wok Wednesdays has partnered with Kitchenworks, an independent kitchenwares retailer in North Carolina, to give away a brand new 14″ Helen Chen flat-bottomed carbon steel wok to one lucky winner!


And they aren’t stopping there. For the ENTIRE month of May Kitchenworks is giving EVERYONE in Wok Wednesdays 15% off your entire order on their website, You can shop once, you can shop twice, you can shop every day for the whole month and you’ll get 15% off each and every order, how cool is that!? They not only have woks and stir-fry tools, but they have virtually everything you need for your kitchen, so stock up!

Here is how you can enter the giveaway and get your discount:

1. To enter the giveaway for one 14″ Helen Chen flat-bottomed carbon steel wok, leave a comment on this post by midnight, Sunday May 5th, ¬†with your answer to following question:

What has been your favorite recipe that we’ve made in Wok Wednesdays thus far? OR (if you are new) what recipe from Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge are you most looking forward to making?

2. To claim your 15% discount at all you need to do is enter the promotional code WOKSTAR (all caps) during checkout. The coupon is valid for multiple uses anytime between May 1st, 2013 and May 31, 2013. All regular policies apply to each purchase.

Good luck, and happy wokking!

– Matt

LYL – Wok Portrait Contest

It’s spring break here at Wok Wednesdays, and instead of doing another recipe this week we’re taking a “vacation” and posting some beautiful wok portraits instead. All week long wokkers will be posting photos of their woks to our Facebook group and at the end of the week our guru Grace Young will pick the most creative portrait to receive a prize – Helen Chen Universal Kitchen Shears!


If you haven’t joined Wok Wednesdays yet but would like to enter the shears giveaway, just join the Wok Wednesdays Facebook Group and post a cool photo of you with your wok, your wok in action, or your wok just hanging out. Use your imagination! And never fear, we’ll be back to our regular wokking schedule in another two weeks.

– Matt

Matt and Grace Young2

LYL – Hakka Style Stir-Fried Cabbage and Egg

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday! (In monster truck announcer voice)

This week’s recipe was fun. What did you think? Leave your thoughts and/or a link to your post below.

Wok on!