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The Rules

We only have a few rules to help keep our group structured and on task:

  1. Everyone must own a copy of “The Breath of a Wok”. We encourage you to shop your local independent bookstores. We do not post full recipes and ask that you also refrain from posting full recipes online. Please respect the work that has gone into this cookbook!
  2. We’ll be making two recipes each month. You should make at least one, but you are encouraged to make both if possible.
  3. Please keep discussion on the blog and the Facebook page civil and on topic. Group administrators reserve the right to delete off-topic comments and remove frequent violators.

*I’ve gotten a number of e-mails from people who want to participate but don’t have blogs, so I’ve changed the “must” to “should” have a blog. If you don’t have a blog you’ll still be able to leave your thoughts here on Wok Wednesdays or comment on our Facebook page, but I definitely encourage you to set up your own blog to further interact with other Wokkers. Plus, its nice to have your own little corner of cyberspace!

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  2. I sent an email to join the group but it was returned as un-deliverable.

  3. HI, I was trring to sent an email to join too, also I couldnt find the Facebook page , it says its not available.

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  6. Hi, I was a member of the Facebook group and posted some more pics today, now I find my post has been removed and am no longer a member? I have hit join group button again, can someone please tell me what is going on??????
    Geoff Strange


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