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Welcome to Wok Wednesdays!

Anyone is welcome to join; we try new recipes twice a month. Go to the Getting Started page to get details on joining.

Wok Wednesdays is a group of wok enthusiasts who are currently cooking their way through Grace Young’s cookbook “The Breath of a Wok”, after already cooking our way through “Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge”, winner of the James Beard Best International Cookbook Award. Anyone is welcome to join; we try new recipes twice a month.

The group was started by Matt Lardie, freelance food writer and co-founder of School of Home.

Questions? Comments? E-mail and put “Wok Wednesdays” in the subject line.



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  6. I’m looking to buy an outdoor wok burner and hear the Rambo is best; anyone have any advice or feedback?

  7. Matt, I’ve tried twice to send an email to the address you list, but it bounces back with the error message, “Recipient not found.” What’s up?

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  14. Maggie Garancosky

    Do you where I can buy a Mr. Cen wok? I am not able to go to Shanghai to pick one up.



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