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LYL – Nyonya-Style Singapore Noodles

It’s another Wok Wednesday, and an extra special one at that because we’ve surpassed 800 members! Cue the band! Clang the woks! When I embarked on this journey over two years ago I never could have imagined it would become what it is today – I was just hoping to find others who enjoyed stir-frying as much as I did. Thank you to all who participate!

This recipe is a version of one of my favorite dishes – Singapore Noodles. The version in Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge comes from Mei IBach, a Chinese Malaysian born in Malaysia and raised in Singapore. When the Chinese came to Malaysia and Singapore they created a fusion cuisine that came to be known as Nyonya – thus, Nyonya-Style Singapore Noodles. You’ll see the combination of Chinese and Southeast Asian ingredients in this recipe, which calls for both kecap manis (a Southeast Asian style dark soy sauce) as well as traditional soy sauce.

What did you think about this week’s recipe? If you’re a fan of Singapore Noodles, how did this version compare to what you usually have? Leave us a comment below and/or a link to your blog post.

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LYL – Chinese Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken

This week’s recipe stars one of my all-time favorite Asian ingredients – lemongrass. With its slight lemon flavor and floral aroma, lemongrass is widely used across southeast Asia. This recipe combines classical Vietnamese ingredients with time-honored Chinese techniques for one delicious dish!

What did you think of this week’s recipe? Leave your thoughts and/or a link to your blog post below.

LYL – Spicy Dry-Fried Beef

Today’s recipe was Spicy Dry-Fried Beef and from the reactions on our Facebook group it was a winner! Check out Karen Kerr’s beautiful results:

Karen Kerr - Karen's Kitchen Stories

Karen Kerr – Karen’s Kitchen Stories

What did you think? Leave your thoughts below and/or a link to your blog post!

LYL – Stir-Fried Watermelon Rind

Did this week’s recipe throw you for a loop. Stir-fried watermelon rind!? This is essentially the same recipe as the last one we did, Stir-Fried Fuzzy Melon, but with watermelon rinds in place of the melon. This is a really fun, and beautiful, recipe and its a great way to  make those delicious summer watermelons go the extra mile. What did you think? Leave your thoughts and/or a link to your blog post below.

Photo courtesy Grace Young

Photo courtesy Grace Young

LYL – Stir-Fried Fuzzy Melon and Ginger Pork

This week’s recipe had an unusual ingredient – fuzzy melon. It is readily available at most Asian grocery stores, and some Wok Wednesdays members even reported seeing it at their local farmers’ markets, but I’m willing to bet most of us had never encountered it before.

What did you think of the dish? Leave your thoughts below and/or a link to your blog post!

(And stay tuned for another exciting giveaway coming soon!)

- Matt

LYL – Stir-Fried Water Spinach with Fermented Bean Curd

This week’s recipe was a little funky, much like most of us! What did you think? Were you able to get all the ingredients? Did you make any substitutions? Did you catch that smackdown Germany put on Brazil? Leave your comments and/or a link to your blog post below!

LYL – Stir-Fried Hoisin Pork with Peppers

This is one of my favorite recipes in SFTTSE and it takes advantage of the bounty of summer peppers. What did you think? Leave a comment below and/or a link to your blog post!


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