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Giveaway – Chosen Foods Products

The Chinese New Year is rapidly approaching and we’re in a festive mood, so we’ve partnered with Chosen Foods for another fantastic Wok Wednesdays giveaway!

We all know that stir-frying means high heat, and high heat means you need a good oil, one with a high smokepoint that can take a little abuse. Avocado oil fits the bill, and is one of my favorite stir-fry oils. Chosen Foods brand avocado oils are my go-to for their consistency and quality.


Chosen Foods will give one lucky Wok Wednesdays member a package containing one bottle of avocado oil, one bottle of avocado oil spray, and two finishing sesame oils. All you have to do to enter is a leave a comment on this post answering the following question (inspired by WW superstar member Karen Kerr):

What are the three most important things you’ve learned about stir-frying since joining Wok Wednesdays?

The giveaway is open until 11:59pm EST on Thursday, February 19th – Chinese New Years.

Good luck, and keep on wokking!


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  1. A wok is an inspirational work of art that requires love, care and frequent use and in turn gives the gift of glorious nourishment, both simple and complex, in the hands of its owner.

  2. 1. You CAN get your wok too hot.
    2. Mise en place is very important.
    3. Even mistakes taste good!

  3. The wok, accessories, and ingredients that you choose are a very personal choice. Mise en place: be prepared. Lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions.

  4. Important to start with a hot wok.
    Best to “set up” all ingredients before you start to wok.
    Read the recipe a couple of time before you start to wok so you understand the steps and process.
    Most important: This is the best “teaching blog” I have found. I knew nothing about Chinese cooking a year ago. The interaction with Grace and all the bloggers has made this a FIVE STAR on-going cooking class.

  5. Let the meat sear for a minute before stirring
    Flank steak is awesome for stir frying (I never used to want to eat beef stir fried)
    Clean the wok right away and make sure to dry it

  6. mcgargantuette McKelvey

    Love this.

    Three things learned at WW? Well there are more than 3, but here goes:
    1. I need more flame from my burner.
    2. It’s possible to work around that problem to some extent, and I can often pull off something amazingly good using Grace’s books.
    3. There is definitely such a thing as patina envy.

  7. Have a hot wok. Have everything chopped and ready to cook. Read the recipe at least twice.

  8. 1. Have all the ingredients prepared and measured before turning on the burner.
    2. The wok is ready when a drop of water vaporizes within 1-2 seconds of contact
    3. When placing meat in the wok, let it sear for one minute before stir-frying.

  9. You don’t need much meat or fish, if any, for great flavor. Have absolutely everything prepared prior to commencing cooking. Listen to other ideas and learn.

  10. The three things that I’ve learned are:
    1. The technique of dry stir-frying. I like the intensity that this technique brings to a dish. I had not done this previously.
    2. The introduction to two fabulous tools, the Kinpira Peeler and the Negi Cutter. Both have lessened the labor and added a profession look to the finished dishes.
    3. I have loved learning about and exploring the dishes and adaptations of the diaspora of the Chinese people.

  11. What have I learned?
    1. Don’t even HEAT UP your wok, without having ALL ingredients, AT THE READY!
    2. Some ingredients like Fermented Black Beans, and Sechuan Peppercorns, need to be cooked or roasted beforehand, for deeper flavor.
    3. Sauce is essential for flavor, but you don’t need too much. Just enough to cover and glaze, should do. If it doesn’t, there are some ingredients in it that are missing.

  12. You can cook anything in a wok.

  13. Its okay to make an error. Don’t use too much sauce and always have all the ingredients ready before you start cooking in the Wok.

  14. Very cool contest Matt.

    1. Mis en place.
    2. I can actually keep a wok from rusting.
    3. Wok corn is the best!

  15. 1. Seasoning a wok
    2. Prepping
    3. Using the right oil

  16. 1. Hot wok, cold oil = nonstick
    2. Don’t overcrowd the pan
    3. Using rum instead of rice wine is a VERY good idea

  17. Marinating your protein. Mise en place. Testing wok to make sure it’s hot enough.

  18. 1. There are a wide variety of burner/wok combinations that work. BTU’s are not everything.
    2. Stir-fries are versatile dishes that can be (and have been) adapted to the ingredients on hand, anywhere in the world.
    3. There is a stir-fry for every palate, every taste, every texture: robust, spicy, delicate, mild, crunchy, soft, meaty, vegetarian… you name it.

  19. i think the three most important things that I’ve learned since joining the group, are: high heat is needed, don’t overcrowd the food and work in batches when necessary, and never be afraid to ask questions or seek advice. I’ve loved seeing all the “results” pictures and reading all the fun stories and posts from all of you.

  20. 3 Things I’ve learned…
    1. Pray to the Kitchen God BEFORE wokking, instead of lamenting afterwards.
    2. Be adventurous!
    3. All mistakes can be forgiven if you serve a very good wine with and after the meal.

  21. 1. How much fun it is to share a love for cooking, eating and admiring a humble, yet sophisticated, culinary invention (and lusting after a hand-hammered wok)
    2. Stir-frying has moments of stillness (as the meat sears) as well as activity
    3. Every single recipe in SFTTSE is fabulous and I particularly like reading stories of adaptation

  22. * Have your ingredients ready.
    * Make sure your wok is hot.
    * Be sure to clean and dry your wok after use!

  23. 1. The most important is: DON’T overcrowd the wok.
    2. But also prepare all the ingredients before beginning.
    3. Most surprisingly, to me, I learned that big flavors don’t necessarily come from lots of spices and sauces. Simple is most often best. I’ve been astounded at how flavorful stir fry can be.

  24. 1. Read the recipe thoroughly, including the header – before shopping for ingredients!
    2. It’s OK to turn up the heat.
    3. Stir-frying is not as terrifying as you may think.


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