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LYL – Hong Kong-Style Mango Ginger Chicken

What did everyone think of this week’s recipe? Did you enjoy the combination of tropical fruit with more savory flavors? How did the velveting technique work for you?

Leave your thoughts and/or a link to your blog post below!

Some photos from our Wok Wednesdays Facebook page!


LaReta Beecher Johnson's dish

LaReta Beecher Johnson’s dish

Cathy Hagin's dish - My Culinary Mission

Cathy Hagin’s dish – My Culinary Mission


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    • As I wrote on FB I love your photos–the food looks so scrumptious. And I’m delighted velveting has changed your view of eating chicken breasts. It’s a great technique for preventing dry, overcooked chicken.

    • I like the fact that you made the mango slices thicker. I had written 1/4-inch thick but I agree that if the mangoes are not handled gently or overcooked they will disintegrate.

  1. Please visit my blog to see this recipe and recent posts. Please leave a comment, so I know you were there!

    This was delicious.

  2. Your photo of the mango chicken is fabulous. The plate is perfect. Glad you brought up the point of 2 tablespoons versus 1 large egg white. I tested the recipe countless times and though I knew 1 large egg white would be an easier measurement I realized it was too much and that 2 tablespoons was the perfect amount.
    Also, I wanted mention that I was sorry to read you were coughing from seasoning with peanut oil. If you do the bake seasoning method again, I believe grapeseed, avocado, and rice bran oil have a higher smoking point.


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