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Wok Wednesdays Month-Long Birthday Celebration

On May 16th Wok Wednesdays officially turns one! Over the past year we have grown together as a group, exploring some of the amazing recipes in Grace Young’s Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, and learning more about the ancient and fascinating cooking style of the stir-fry.

Photos: Steven Needham

Photos: Steven Needham

Over the next month there will be lots of fun content to celebrate our first birthday, including a look-back on what we’ve accomplished, a preview of what to come, videos, discussion, and more. But I’d like to get the festivities started with something REALLY fun – another giveaway! Over the past few weeks we’ve had a bunch of new people join Wok Wednesdays, some of whom don’t have a wok yet, so I’m excited to announce that Wok Wednesdays has partnered with Kitchenworks, an independent kitchenwares retailer in North Carolina, to give away a brand new 14″ Helen Chen flat-bottomed carbon steel wok to one lucky winner!


And they aren’t stopping there. For the ENTIRE month of May Kitchenworks is giving EVERYONE in Wok Wednesdays 15% off your entire order on their website, You can shop once, you can shop twice, you can shop every day for the whole month and you’ll get 15% off each and every order, how cool is that!? They not only have woks and stir-fry tools, but they have virtually everything you need for your kitchen, so stock up!

Here is how you can enter the giveaway and get your discount:

1. To enter the giveaway for one 14″ Helen Chen flat-bottomed carbon steel wok, leave a comment on this post by midnight, Sunday May 5th, ย with your answer to following question:

What has been your favorite recipe that we’ve made in Wok Wednesdays thus far? OR (if you are new) what recipe from Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge are you most looking forward to making?

2. To claim your 15% discount at all you need to do is enter the promotional code WOKSTAR (all caps) during checkout. The coupon is valid for multiple uses anytime between May 1st, 2013 and May 31, 2013. All regular policies apply to each purchase.

Good luck, and happy wokking!

– Matt


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  1. My favorite recipe is the Stir-Fried Chicken with Carrots and Mushrooms. It was comforting, just as the description stated. I could not get enough. Yum, yum.

  2. My favorite recipe has been the Classic Dry-Fried Pepper and Salt Shrimp. I’ve never had such flavorful shrimp, and stir-frying without liquid was a revelation to me.

  3. My favorite has been the Hakka-style cabbage with egg. So simple, and I love to make it for quick lunch with a little vinegar or sambal. Tasty!

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  5. Oh that’s a tough question! Do I have to pick just one? How about two. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Chinese Burmese Chili Chicken and Chicken Lo Mein, where I made my own noodles!

  6. Just checked out Kitchen Works – that my friend is a dangerous link! I can see myself getting into lots of trouble. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Harriet Schmidt

    I have not yet gotten started. Hoping to get the book and wok for Mother’s Day. Want to specialize in healthy chinese cooking Love, love, love, the food!

  8. I liked the velvet chicken and asparagus best so far, although I am a late starter and need to try some of the recipes that have already been done by the group.

  9. Steve Morgan

    Beef and Broccoli is the favorite for my kids, so that’s good enough for me.

  10. Velvet chicken tomorrow with string beans instead of asparagus. Asparagus is not a favorite of ours.

  11. Karen Borowski

    I just received the book and am asking for a “field trip” to San Francisco’s Chinatown for Mother’s Day! Then I will have the tools and ingredients to make stir fried chili scallops with baby bok choy. Mmm..two of my favorites: scallops and chilies-can’t wait!

  12. My favorite recipe is the Classic Dry Fried Pepper & Salt Shrimp. It’s so easy to do & even more amazing when the shrimp is fresh and you put the whole stir fry dish over a bed of steaming, fragrant jasmine rice. So simple yet delish. I’ve enjoyed Grace’s cookbooks even before I knew she was the Wok Goddess. Thanks for bringing us all together, Matthew!

  13. I made the cabbage and bacon as a side dish and really loved it ( you can’t go wrong with bacon!). I’ve just recently joined this group so am not sure if this dish has been made yet.

  14. Hmmmmm……only one recipe……. Everything as Ben delicious so far. I’m going to pick what I made last night which was a hit with our group……Classic Dry-Fried Pepper and Salt Shrimp.

    So gooood!

  15. Julie Johnson

    I just found this group and I am looking forward to participating now that my teaching schedule is winding down. The shrimp and rum looks interesting to me – something I would never make without some encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. E.J. Stone-Ehrhardt

    My favorite: The Hakka cabbage. I was surprised I could like cabbage so much. Plus, I really enjoyed Grace’s description of that ethnic group in the book. I gained an expanded palate and an enhanced worldview–that sums up Wok Wednesdays for me as well.

  17. Hakka cabbage with egg was my favourite so far.

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