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LYL – Velvet Chicken with Asparagus

As we close in on our first birthday, its only appropriate that we begin to tackle some of the more complicated techniques, like velveting. If I’m not mistaken this is our second recipe that involves the velveting techinque, and from the early responses on our Facebook page folks are loving the results! What did you think about this week’s recipe? Leave a link to your blog post below, or just leave a comment telling us how you fared!

– Matt

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  1. The velveting technique produced some very tender and moist chicken breast. This is also a very healthy recipe with little oil and, as always with wok cooking, fresh ingredients.

  2. Per Wok Wednesday rules, my post will be available at on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s dishes!

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  4. I’m just running a little behind. I enjoyed everybody else’s posts and pictures (and video!), and we love this recipe… especially this time of year.


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