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LYL – Stir-Fried Scallops with Baby Bok Choy

It’s scallop time folks! This week’s recipe has been very exciting for me, because I’ve never made scallops before. I’m so grateful that I get to try out a new ingredient with my favorite new cooking techinque, stir-frying.

What did you think about the recipe? Did you use fresh scallops or frozen? Leave your thoughts below, as well as a link to your blog post if you wrote one.

– Matt

PS. Don’t forget that you can join in the discussions on our Facebook page – we regularly chat about stir-frying, give advice, and share our stir-fry photos!


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  1. Scallops are great to stir fry and enjoy! I once watched a chef pan sear scallops by the beach while he did a demo for us. It was so mouthwatering to watch. They’re so easy to cook. Thanks for this wok idea today, Matthew!

  2. Gorgeous and delicious dish. I was nervous with this one, and clung to the page more than usual, but got it done and it was mighty good. Next time with bay scallops, and maybe shrimp. Love me some chili bean sauce.

  3. Meant to do this link, not the tinyurl thang;

  4. Ladies, I’m delighted everyone had a great experience stir-frying the scallops.
    -A warm Wok Wednesdays welcome to Karen. I love your description that stir-frying is a high-wire act and It looks like you’re a natural.

    -Double Trouble Kitchen, There are lots of households that are “spice hesitant” but I’m glad you still enjoyed the dish. Your baby bok choy looks gorgeous.

    -Cathleen’s close-up photo of pre-teen bok choy is stunning. As to your question, most of the time Chinese ingredients are cut into bite-sized ingredients so you don’t need a knife. But sometimes with Chinese greens they are left whole. I have to admit when I watch my mom or aunties pick up the greens with their chopsticks and take a bite it’s the most graceful act. For the rest of us, it’s not always such a pretty bite.

    -And a warm welcome home to Nanice, one of our founding Wok Wednesdays family members. It’s so nice to know your wok is sizzling again. Wok greetings to Betty Ann too.

  5. Once again I’m late, but my effort is at

  6. I’m pretty sure mine didn’t turn out like everybody else’s, but I enjoyed it nonetheless…

    • I’ve been curious about how your recipe turned out after you posted the photo of your scallops on FB but didn’t mention how it tasted. Glad it worked out even without the chili bean sauce. I don’t know the product you ended up using. I’ll look for it the next time I’m in chinatown.

      • It’s from these folks, but I don’t even see it on their website. Huh. It’s on the top left in my “ingredients” picture:

        I really did like it — good lunch two days in a row. And thanks again for the help with the chili bean sauce. I look forward to trying it again, the right way.

      • I really liked the bok choy. Today I asked our CSA farmer about it and they are going to plant it twice this year. Apparently several local farmers are growing it, even though they didn’t last year. Don’t know why it got so popular, but glad it’ll be around…

      • Bok choy is really great. You get nice greens and the white crunchy bit all in one!

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