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LYL – Minced Pork in Lettuce Cups

You know the drill! Leave a comment and/or link to your blog post letting us know how you fared with this week’s recipe!


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    • Fungus Among Us is a pretty funny name for a mushroom company. I have a feeling your shiitake mushrooms were not fully soaked. Yours look pretty thick–the cheaper ones are thinner and soften really quickly. There are a few food items that Chinese cooks prefer in their dried form rather than fresh because the flavor is more concentrated. Really high quality dried shiitakes can be $100 a pound or more.

      It’s so nice to read that you prefer home cooked Chinese food to restaurant Chinese food. People are always asking me to recommend my favorite Chinese restaurants. I’m really not fond of too many restaurants as the quality tends to be so poor. A home cooked Chinese meal is infinitely better. Please thank Ashley for the beautiful post. It was my pleasure to meet you, Ashley and your nephew.

    • Jennifer, It’s such a kick that you’re doing Wok Wednesdays from Hong Kong. After reading your post I looked at your Chinese New Years pictures. I love the flower market shots. There’s nothing like the flower market in Hong Kong at Chinese New Years! Happy Snake Year!

      • There may be more joining from Hong Kong too. If you see a surge in shipments of your book to Hong Kong, you will know why! I have mentioned it to several people and their interest is peaked. ***However, I have a gas burner for a round-bottomed wok built in to my cooktop (rare in the newer flats) and it is very difficult to find a flat-bottom wok here, so any joiners may be discouraged.. Any ideas of where I could send them? Maybe they will have to order a wok for the states!!

        This is our first CNY in Hong Kong. It has been such fun, and it goes on for so many days. I volunteer at a school in Choi Hung and yesterday the children went out into the neighborhood and and did a dragon parade. I wish I coulod show those photo, but too many children
        It is also great fun to go into the wet markets and find ingredients and such. Thanks for the encouragment.
        A happy and prosperus Snake year to you too and the entire Wok Wednesays Group!

    • That’s wild that we may get more Wok Wednesdays members signing up in Hong Kong! BTW how did you find out about Sky’s Edge?

      In the past I found that HK stoves are more powerful than American stoves which means in HK you can use a round-bottomed wok. I haven’t been in a HK home kitchen in awhile. The only reason I recommend flat-bottomed is in America stoves are not powerful enough to heat a round-bottomed wok.

      • I should’ve said most American stoves are not powerful enough to heat a round bottomed wok. If you have a Wolf or Viking range a round-bottomed wok works perfectly. But if you have electric, induction or an average gas stove it’s pretty difficult.

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  2. On the better late than never, here’s my contribution.

  3. When it come to being late, I think I beat Mitchell. But I agree that it’s better late than never. Loved this one…


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