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LYL – Chicken Lo Mein with Ginger Mushrooms

This is our first noodle dish, and a great dish to get us prepared for the Chinese New Year, symbolizing longevity, growing fortunes, and intelligence. Were you able to find Chinese lo mein noodles? Did you substitute spaghetti? Were you as brave as Cathy of My Culinary Mission and made your own noodles? Either way, leave a comment below with your thoughts on this dish and/or a link to your blog post.

– Matt


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  1. I can’t say as this was one of my better outings but still I learned something and produced a tasty meal. So definitely a worthwhile endeavor. As of 8 AM eastern, you can see my dish at Hopefully everyone else had better results than I did.

  2. Perhaps I didn’t do it exactly right, but we loved it. We needed a dinner like this tonight…

    • Rob, Sorry the recipe was more complicated than you expected. Although you didn’t think you did it exactly right your dish sure looked yummy.

      • I didn’t mean to suggest that it was too complicated. I just failed to properly follow the recipe… and it was still great. Definitely one of our favorites, just behind Hoisin Explosion Chicken and the Dry-Fried Shrimp. Some stir-fries don’t make for good leftovers, but this one does and we like that.

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    • Welcome back Double Trouble Kitchen! Just to clarify there’s no special technique for gingering the mushrooms. It was just a “clever” recipe title. So happy your wok is hot for the new year. Good luck with the back splash.

    • Cathleen, As I wrote in your FB post I am so impressed that you made your own noodles. I’ve never done that. You win the Wok Wednesdays longevity award!

  4. After a long absence, I’m finally back to blogging about food and I’m very happy to be re-joining this group. This was a delicious lo mein. The ginger added such great flavor.


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