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LYL – Stir-fried Ginger Broccoli

I hope this week’s recipe was a breeze! Did you serve it as a main dish or a side? Leave a link below to your blog post and/or a comment with your thoughts on Stir-fried Ginger Broccoli!


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  1. Great recipe! I love broccoli, and for me this was right up there with the garlic spinach in terms of ease and deliciousness. I can easily see myself making this again and again. I loved the ginger taste – gingery but not overpoweringly so. I could see this stir-fry working with a variety of different veggies like thinly sliced carrots, cauliflower, and celery root. The only slight change I would make would be blanching the broccoli for only 8-10 seconds before stir-frying; I prefer my broccoli on the firmer side.

  2. Sorry to post a couple days late. Crazy week. But that did allow me to use a couple ideas from Matt and Cathleen in our stir-fry…

    • Forgot to mention that I have a question. In a recipe like this where salt or sugar is sprinkled on at the same time we’re adding a liquid to the stir-fry, is it OK to just add the salt/sugar to the liquid beforehand? That’s what I did this time and it turned out great. I’m just looking for fewer dishes to carry outside…

      • Rob and everyone! First of all apologies for disappearing the last few days. I had to fly to San Francisco unexpectedly for family reasons. Anyway, it’s great to read your posts. I love the name “Pro Cooked Broccoli!” As for your question in earlier books I added the salt and sugar to the liquid but found that often times when you swirl it into the wok a lot of the salt and sugar remains in the dish or cup. I think if you’re careful to make sure it’s all out you can certainly do it. I agree it’s one less dish.

  3. As usual, my WokWednesday contribution turns out to be a WokSome-Other-Day adventure. But I did love the recipe and have a few other tips for making it to add to Grace’s.

    • Laura, Nice to finally “meet” you watching you peel ginger. Thanks for the great tips for using the handkerchief to squeeze the ginger juice–and a smart alternative to using a knife for smashing the ginger.


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