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LYL – Stir-Fried Mussels with Ginger and Scallions

Another Wednesday, another stir fry adventure! Mussels were a bit of detour off our usual path, but I’m interested to know how everyone did! Leave your comments below, or a link to your blog post about this week’s recipe.

– Matt


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  1. Loved it. It was my quickest and easiest stir-fry so far, for a couple reasons…

  2. Rob, your hand-pounded wok from the Wok Shop is gorgeous. I’m so glad to know the frozen mussels work. I’ve never even seen frozen mussels sold so that’s nice to know.

    • Cathleen, It’s great that Wok Wednesdays took you out of your culinary comfort zone and I’m relieved that you loved the recipe. I couldn’t be happier. I learn so much from everyone’s posts and comments. When we did the eggplant stir-fry, I suspected that eggplant wasn’t a super popular vegetable. But I was really surprised that for some like Rob, it’s hard to find mussels and that for others like you, it’s an unusual ingredient to cook.
      Mussels used to have really intense beards. Nowadays there’s hardly anything and I’ve been told that it’s because most mussels are now “farm” grown. Only the wild ones have the beards that take a little effort to remove. In any case, I’m delighted you’re a mussel convert. They’re certainly easy to make when stir-fried.


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