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Choose Your Own Wok Adventure!

October is a long month, which means THREE Wok Wednesdays. I don’t want to overload us with recipes, so I’ve decided that next Wednesday will be a freebie! You can choose your own wok adventure, so to say; revisit an old recipe, skip ahead and try something we haven’t gotten to yet, or be super creative and come up with your own recipe! I’m not-so-secretly hoping most of you will choose the last option because I’d love to see what everyone comes up with.

This post will be both the Q&C and LYL for our freebie Wednesday. Leave a comment below with any questions you might have about a recipe or technique you want to try, or want to re-try, and come back and tell us how it went! Grace and I will keep an eye on the comments and try to answer any questions ASAP, and I know Grace would LOVE to hear about any original stir-fry recipes you come up with.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Wokking!

– Matt


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  1. We had a lot of fun with the Choose Your Own Adventure week — steamed & tea-smoked seafood!

    I know it wasn’t such a fun week for everybody, though. Hope y’all made it through the storm OK…

  2. Just in time for the extra Wok Wednesday, I whipped this up using additional vegetables and ingredients I had laying around. After the storm and devastation around us here in NJ, this was sheer comfort in a wok!

    Spicy Beef with Egg Noodles, Quail Eggs, Corn and Mushrooms


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