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LYL – Spicy Orange Chicken

I for one loved this recipe! I was able to snag some of the last heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market for this dish. What did you think? Leave your thoughts, or a link to your blog post, below.
– Matt



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  1. Like I said in the post, I loved this recipe. I ended up using chicken thighs instead of breasts (we prefer dark meat, and the thighs are cheaper) and I also had to use chinkiang vinegar because I forgot to buy rice wine vinegar! I actually would make it a bit spicier next time, but this recipe is definitely a keeper.

  2. I’m starting to figure out how this works. Perhaps if I MAKE the recipe before the designated Wednesday, I can actually POST on the designated Wednesday! I’ll try that next time. In the meantime, we did love this one. It just took me awhile to view the pics…

  3. Apologies that I’m behind in responding. I’m thrilled everyone seems to have had great results. I promise to read your posts in the next day or 2. Thanks for your patience.

    • No apologies needed! I for one am impressed that you take the time out of your busy life to follow along and to make individual comments. Thank you for making this journey all the more fun!

      • Thanks Cathleen. The postponement will be a wee bit little longer. I’m battling the flu. I hope to be well again soon and am looking forward to reading everyone’s posts. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Oh my goodness, this Spicy Orange Chicken looks amazing! I may just try this even if it’s not Wed.! Thanks for sharing !


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