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LYL – Stir-Fried Eggs with Tomatoes

This was definitely a different stir-fry! I hope everyone was able to find some delicious heirloom tomatoes. What did you think of the recipe? Leave your thoughts and/or a link to your blog post below.

– Matt


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  1. I guess I’ll start things off. This one wasn’t as successful for me – my tomatoes exuded a LOT of liquid when I added them to the wok and I essentially boiled everything. I had to stir-fry a few extra minutes just to get the liquid reduced, and in the end it looked like an ugly mess. The good news was that it tasted fine – my husband helped himself to thirds! I didn’t have cilantro or shallots on hand so I used onions and parsley, but I’m planning on trying it again with the correct ingredients and possibly seeding my tomatoes first so that its not as wet.

    • I’m really sorry to hear about your results Matt–although I’m relieved it tasted great. I’ve never seeded tomatoes for this dish so I don’t think it’s necessary. Let me know how the 2nd try goes.

  2. I did it as a fried rice dish and we loved it. Adding the rice and stir frying it at the end made a great meal.

  3. Deeeelicious. I found some beef steak tomatoes at my local farmers market and boy what a tasty dish.

    • Shirley and GG, I’ve stir-fried this dishes dozens of times but I began to wonder if I made some sort of mistake when I wrote the recipe. So relieved you had great results. It’s simple and if you have great tomatoes it’s heavenly.

  4. I’m traveling and I hope to do it when I get home this weekend. I was hoping someone would post pics so I’d know what it’s supposed to look like!

    • Judy, Glad you had success. I’ve been doing the same improv throughout the summer using basil instead of cilantro. The bunches of basil were so big and I had so much. I’m sorry there was no sizzle when you added the eggs. Do you think the wok wasn’t totally preheated?

    • Cathleen, Glad you enjoyed the tomato and eggs. It is a simple stir-fry without the depth of flavor of most of the stir-fries we’ve been making. I love the fact that you ate it with toasted bread.

  5. Better late than never! Seems I’ve said that before. Anyway, I loved this recipe and I benefited from reading everyone else’s thoughts before trying it myself…

    • Rob, Anyone who stir-fries with CSA eggs and produce is a certified AAA Wokker. Stir-fries are all about seasonal produce and super fresh ingredients. I can tell from your photo that your stir-fried eggs were delicious.

      • Thanks, Grace! It was delicious and tasted very fresh. The CSA plan we signed up for starts in April and it’s a coordinated effort by several farms that frequent our Farmers Market. Each week the box will include not only produce, but also local meats, cheese, milk, bread, eggs, and other products. I’m a little nervous about the early spring boxes because I don’t know what to do with some of the produce (kale, kale, and more kale). Might have to ask for ideas in a few months!

  6. I used eggs from the co-op and tomatoes from my garden and it was delicious (but looked terrible, worse than my photo even). Next time I’ll use the non-stick frying pan.

  7. I used basil instead of cilantro and seeded my tomatoes. Still, I don’t think this turned out as it was imagined.


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