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October Giveaway

It’s time for another giveaway, and its a repeat! The great folks at Bambu have been generous enough to donate another fantastic cork cutting board for you to win. This cork cutting board is lightweight, durable, and incredibly gentle on your knives. All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post by 11:59pm on October 31st (Halloween!) answering the following question:

Since everyone has been stir-frying for a few months now do you feel comfortable improvising a stir-fry and not following a recipe? If so, can you tell us about one of your recipes?

Good luck!


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  1. Honestly, as good as I am in the kitchen, I kind of suck at stirfry. I tend to find a recipe then add or subtract to suit my tastes.

  2. I am not quite there with stirfry. My husband on the other hand is a pro. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  3. I have adopted the vegetarian fried rice as my very own. I use what ever vegetables I have on hand with the main stays being the garlic, lots of it and green onion, saving the tops for a delightful sprinkle on top. It is always delicious and it tastes different every time because I don’t fear the ingredients, well maybe I’m a little afraid of the fish sauce still. Hee Hee

  4. No, not yet; I do need more practice.

  5. Yes! It starts w charring onions.

  6. Totally new, feeling very inspired while gathering my tools!

  7. I don’t follow recipes, so I can’t give one, but I do love making my veggie stir fry with Korean Hot Sauce (sweet/hot) and I cut wonton wrappers in to strips and fry them for a crispy “noodle” for on or under the stir fry.

  8. I still don’t feel very comfortable improvising a recipe, but I’ve had good results taking a recipe and adding/replacing ingredients to create things like the Gold Garlic Chicken w/ Broccoli & Peppers, Stir-Fried Ginger Chicken, or Stir-Fried Garlic Kale. I want to get better at improvising over the winter though, because when the CSA boxes start rolling in next spring we’ll have a lot of produce that we’re not real familiar with. Say, I just ordered a Dexter Cleaver from The Wok Shop and I do believe this cutting board would work well with it!

  9. My normal cooking style is just tossing in a little of this or that, things that need to be used up, but I wouldn’t really know what to say I have for a recipe. It is a clean out the fridge stir-fry 🙂

  10. Who is our lucky winner of the cutting board?


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