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LYL – Cucumber and Pork with Golden Garlic

I’m very excited about this recipe! What did you all think? Leave a link to your blog post or your thoughts on the recipe below!

– Matt

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  1. It took me a couple days to get my pics up, but we had fun with this one:

    • I loved the improvise! Its so true – once you have the basic skills and theories down pat you can really make anything.

    • Rob, Your posts always make me smile. I never expected to find Golden Garlic Chicken with Broccoli & Peppers but it’s brilliant and I’m so happy you feel confident improvising! I thought you were using the Chinese cast-iron wok but the wok I see looks like it’s carbon-steel. The patina is beautiful! Congrats!

      • Thanks, Grace! That is the cast iron Wok — I can’t believe how well seasoned it is after just a few uses. I love love love that thing. My Mom still hasn’t taken the carbon steel Wok off my hands, so I’ve used it for deep-fries and as a general purpose pan lately. It’s patina is coming along nicely now, too. I’m not sure I want to give it away anymore!

  2. It took me a few days to get the post up, but here it is:

    I really enjoyed this recipe, it will definitely make another appearance!

    • Cool post, Matt. Sounds like you and I had the same thoughts on this one. I almost went with the country style ribs (glad to hear they are a good option for next time), and I also took a minute to seed the cucumber, and I was also surprised it stayed crisp and crunchy. Good times! But sorry to hear about your break in. That’s no good…

    • Matt, I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe and I also wanted to address the lack of sauce issue. Most traditional stir-fries don’t have a lot of sauce. I write about it in Sky on page 121 in the last paragraph. There’s normally just enough “sauce” to cling to the ingredients but not more than that. When you’re in a Chinese restaurant and a stir-fry comes with lots of sauce in many cases it’s been Americanized to suit what customers expect.

      I have to say that my husband who is German often says that he doesn’t like eating rice without lots of sauce from the stir-fry. But the Chinese love plain rice. When I think about how rice is served in the West it normally comes with sauce or gravy.

    • Sarah, Great to have you back in the WW groove. I realize that I’ve never made this dish in the summer which is why I called for the English cucumber. But I’ve been thinking kirby cukes would be even better. I’m going to have to fire up my wok and try this with the last of the farmer’s mkt kirby cukes.

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