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Q&C – Stir-Fried Cucumber and Pork with Golden Garlic

Our next recipe is a little wild. Stir-fried Cucumber and Pork with Golden Garlic. That’s right, cucumber! Leave any questions or comments you might have about the recipe below and we’ll try to tick through them before we cook next week!

– Matt

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  1. What is the purpose of smashing sliced ginger? Maybe I slice mine too thin; smashing does not really seem to do anything. Does it make the ginger less potent? I do notice a fair amount of juices being soaked up by my cutting board. Thanks ~ Cathy

    • Cathy, When a recipe calls for a slice of ginger the piece should be about the size and thickness of a quarter. Slices are added when you want the ginger flavor without having to mince or shred. And the point of smashing it is to allow the juices to be released as you cook. Of course some juice may end up on your cutting board but more will be released as you cook.

  2. Made this for dinner this evening for family and guest. Really good! Everyone was skeptical about cooked cucumbers but loved it. I had lovely fresh garlic and cucumbers from the farmer’s market. Defiinately will make this again.

    • Kim, Most people never think to cook cucumbers but they are actually wonderful especially in this stir-fry. And if your cukes and garlic came from the farmer’s market I can imagine your stir-fry was extra delicious.


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