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LYL – Summer Corn and Ginger Beef

Two recipes! Was it too much? Too little? Too delicious? Leave your thoughts/links below!

– Matt

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  1. Sita krishnaswamy

    Actually Matt , I like the idea of of a veggie and meat dish then one had to make rice and it Is a complete meal plan. Great idea. Too delicious is my take on it and I do not have to meal plan for that day yay

  2. I’m with you Sita! Meal planning is the hardest part for me. I love that two days a month I do not have to give it any thought.

    The ginger beef was fabulous!!

    • Sita krishnaswamy

      I think meal planning is the hardest for everyone in the process of getting a meal on the table. It is wonderful that two days in a monthnarentaken are of. I hope to make the recipe this week

  3. I am delighted everyone had delicious results with this week’s stir-fries.

    Cathleen, I’m very flattered to have Sky compared to the quality of Emily Luchetti’s work. That’s quite an endorsement. I was alarmed that the 1/4-cup of pickled ginger didn’t weigh 1 ounce. I weighed it again and still got 1 ounce for 1/4 cup but the cup wasn’t packed. Anyway I hope the balance of ginger flavor turned out for you. Your corn was sooooo fresh—loved seeing the beautiful corn w/the green husk alongside the cut cob.

    Laura, I like your makeshift wok cover. If your skillet has a cover that sometimes works too. I can’t believe all the photos you’re able to take as you’re stir-frying. You know I don’t recommend texting, taking cell phone calls, or checking email when you’re stir-frying. 🙂

    Double Kitchen, You are lucky to have your butcher cut the meat for you. If you want to try it next time it’s not difficult. Laura, has a great sequence of photos for how she cut her meat.

    And Sita, I agree that a pot of rice and a stir-fry is all that you need for a great meal.

    • Grace,
      No worries about the ginger. I did not weigh it after measuring; who knows, maybe the container was mismarked. The amount I used turned out to be the perfect! Thanks for another great recipe!

  4. A little or a lot late, but with good reason! Our favorite recipes so far…

  5. Deelicious! Not too much at all, just took some organization.

  6. I haven’t yet done the corn, but I did the ginger beef. I’ll post again when I do the corn.


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