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Q&C – Kung Pao Chicken

Up next is a classic Chinese takeout favorite, Kung Pao Chicken. I actually ordered Kung Pao last week from my favorite takeout joint so I could get a comparison – can you believe I’d never had it before? The additions of peanuts was interesting to me, I always thought that was a more of a Thai or Southeast Asian culinary trend.

Any questions? Comments? Do you plan on using chicken thigh or breast?

– Matt


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  1. Sita krishnaswamy

    I prefer thighs , love the flavor and is definitely more moist than the breast. I always add a tad more chili peppers than the recipe as I love the taste. I have made this recipe before with almonds as I did not have peanuts on hand. The peanuts win hands down. This is a family favorite. Will post pics.

  2. I agree with Sita that thighs are best for this stir-fry. The amount of chilies called for is just a rough guide. I think chili peppers vary in heat depending on the quality. You have to choose the spice level that suits your personal tastes. This is one of my favorite recipes. Looking forward to hearing people’s comments and seeing the pixs. -Grace

  3. Our vegetarian daughter is home for a spell; I plan on making this with shrimp in place of the chicken. I’ll make it again with chicken at a later date. šŸ™‚


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