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LYL – Yin Yang Beans

Leave your links and thoughts below! Did you use the pork or go veg? As always, you can e-mail me photos if you don’t have a blog and I’ll post them here or to the Facebook page! Send them to

– Matt

(Sorry this wasn’t up yesterday, it seems to have saved as a draft instead of a published post. Oops!)


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  1. We love pork and I always use more than the recipe calls for in this dish!
    I was also so happy to see that I have the szechuan pepercorns in my pantry. A friend just brought me a whole bunch of spices from the Islands and this was one of them! Hopefully I will have internet on vacation so I can participate in the next WW.
    here’s my Ying Yangs!

    Did add the pork, if fact used a hot and spicy andouille sausage to really heat it up. Kinda went with the heat wave we were having here. Loved the dish, Thank you!!

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  4. Here’s my post – made on Wednesday, but I didn’t get around to writing about it until today!


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