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LYL – Stir-Fried Sugar Snap Peas with Shiitake Mushrooms


I for one was happy for a veggie-centric recipe. I just got back from a weekend in Asheville, NC that involved way too much food and wine, so a meatless meal is right up my alley! What did you think about it? Any tweaks to the recipe? Leave the link to your blog post below if you’ve written one, or just let us know how your dish turned out!

– Matt

PS. This is the start of our host-less Wok Wednesdays. For more information on why we switched check out this post.


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  1. Sita krishnaswamy

    This is a perfect seasonal dish. Good idea to choose a side dish. I am going to serve mine with sky’s kungpao chicken and rice.

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  3. Thanks for all your great posts. I’m sorry I’m late adding my comments. I can’t thank Matt enough for starting Wok Wednesdays. I’m learning so much from your feedback and it’s wonderful to see how everyone is getting hooked on stir-frying. Keep rocking your woks and Happy 4th of July!

  4. I just made this dish tonight and it was wonderful! This is the first time I have ever used fresh Shitake mushrooms the combination With the ginger made a delicate but savory sauce. so good!


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