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A few changes

Hi folks! I hope everyones’ woks are getting nice and seasoned as we continue our journey together. I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone on a few changes to the structure of this group that I have made. Nothing too crazy, I promise!

  • Recipe schedule – Up until now I have been choosing the recipes (in consultation with Grace) based on their techniques and ease. I wanted to make sure that everyone got comfortable with the basics of stir-frying before we attempted a more difficult recipe. I think that two months in we’re starting to get the hang of things, so I’m going to open up the recipe schedule to suggestions. For the next few months I will pick one of the recipes and then you all will get to throw your suggestions for the other  recipe into the hat and I’ll pick one at random. Eventually, once we’ve mastered a couple of the more difficult recipes, I’ll open up both choices to everyone. Keep an eye out for the first recipe suggestion post later this week.
  • Posting the recipe – I will be the first to admit that I got the idea for this group from Tuesdays With Dorie, in which I am a participant. I mostly just copied their rules, because I figure if it has worked for them it will work for us as well. The more I thought about it though, the less I liked the idea of having a host who posts the full recipe on his or her blog. I realized that eventually it would mean there would be this one site on the internet where someone could potentially get every single recipe from SFTTSE for free, and that runs contrary to our goal of encouraging people to buy the book. Grace has been a huge cheerleader of this group since the beginning; she has donated things for the giveaways, helped promote the group, and has never hesitated to answer my questions or help me out. I’m sure she worked for years on this book and it makes me feel terrible and bit shady to be the one who ends up providing a way for folks to get around buying her book. Additionally, we have a lot of folks cooking along with us who don’t necessarily have a blog (they follow on our Facebook page) and I feel bad excluding them from hosting. Therefore I have decided that going forward we won’t have hosts and won’t be posting the recipes. I hope that everyone understands my reasoning behind this decision. Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section of this post, I would love to have a discussion if people disagree.


– Matt


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  1. No disagreement here. I never did understand TWD rule of one person being able to post the recipe; like you said, eventually all the recipes will be out there. Does it really matter who picks the recipe? I’m just happy to be cooking along! And I think its fabulous that Grace follows along and we get advice from the actual author of the book. Thanks Matt & Grace!

  2. Agreement from my side; I also cook with Dorie’s Aroumd My French Table group & we don’t post recipes verbatim from the book.

  3. I totally agree with that suggestion! It would not be right to have all the recipes for free. I did purchase the book. It’s a great cookbook and I really appreciate all the helpful tips that the blog provides!

  4. Thanks for your insight everyone! I’m so happy you all agree!

  5. Thanks again Matt for making the adjustment and I’m happy everyone is fine with the new format. I’m thrilled with Wok Wednesdays and delighted to provide stir-fry advise. I’m learning a lot through your feedback.

  6. I am in agreement with the new rule about no host and no posting of the recipes. I love the idea of accepting suggestions for upcoming recipes as it will keep things fresh. Devoted follower of WW, GG

  7. Thank you Matt and Grace for your continued leadership. The new rules are great! Happy to be a part of this journey.

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  9. Totally agree. As a cookbook author, I thank you for your responsible attitude.

  10. As for recipes, I saw something with velveted chicken and asparagus that looked really good.


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