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LYL – Chinese Burmese Chili Chicken

Our second recipe! A bit more complicated than the first, but hopefully not too challenging. Cathy of My Culinary Mission was the host for this week’s recipe, you use this link to post the recipe to your blog (although the post won’t go live until Wednesday):

Leave your links below! For those of you without blogs, feel free to chime in on the Wok Wednesdays Facebook page. Also, you can e-mail me photos and I’ll post them below as I receive them!

– Matt

Chinese Burmese Chili Chicken. Photo courtesy of Grace Young.


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  1. I ate zucchini and liked it! Great recipe!!…with a few of my Mason Jar tips and paleo changes…

    • Welcome, Wokin’ Robin! I knew you would add your own personal touch and I expected the Cauliflower Rice, but I didn’t think about the Mason Jar idea. That’s brilliant. I will use that in the future, for sure…

  2. I can’t decide what I liked more, eating the dish or the feeling of accomplishment when I got all the ingredients into the dish at the right moment and finished it off with the veggies at their peak of crunchy-but-cooked state.

  3. That was some spicy wokking! Made me feel coordinated to get everything into the wok in order. And I don’t often feel coordinated.

    • Living in NYC I envy the fact that you can wok outside! It’s great to see all the photos with the grass background! How many btus are you cooking with? Your dish looks scrumptious!

      • Thanks, Grace! I think that stove is 12,000 or 15,000 BTUs. I don’t see it on the website, but Tane Chan recommended this one after I placed an order for a different stove. She said I might want something more powerful later, but this one has been great for me (when it’s not too windy). It woks way better than my electric stove, and I’ve had a lot more fun since I started using it.

        I’m really looking forward to the next recipe. I’m hoping for a nice calm sunny day where I can play some Buffett and pretend I’m at the beach… 🙂

    • That little inferno you are cooking on is giving me fire envy. Is there a link for it?

      • You can find them online — the brand is Iwatani. It runs on butane canisters and it should be under $50. I bought mine from Tane Chan at The Wok Shop, but I don’t see it on her website. I had tried to buy one that I did see on her site and she stopped me and recommended this one. She’ll take care of you if you give her a call! Since stir-fries are quick the fuel canisters last a long time, but they only cost a few bucks anyway. Also, it comes with a hard plastic carrying case, so it’s a great camping stove also (if you’re car camping).

      • Thanks Rob,
        I’ll keep an eye out for one. I think my stir-fries would go faster like the book says, I had to add a few minutes- no biggie but I didn’t have that “singing” as Grace describes our woks to have while cooking. Nope, I don’t camp, I make reservations!

      • Hi Rob and Robin, I camp like crazy (well okay in a motorhome) but out in the woods on a regular basis. Definitely taking the wok on our next trip. Going to go on line and find the product you both reference.

    • It’s great that the wok stove was under $50. Wokking outdoors is the best because you have natural ventilation. So glad to hear you shop at The Wok Shop. Tane is truly the wok ambassador. She really takes the time to find the right wok or wok accessory for customers.

      • She’s the best! I’ve never actually met her, but I’ve talked to her several times on the phone and more through emails. If I make it back to San Fran anytime soon I’ll be sure to visit the store. When I bought my second Wok she recommended your book and that’s why I’m here. I think she was running a promo where she shipped a small hand-hammered carbon steel Wok with the book. It’s beautiful, but I haven’t used it yet because I couldn’t use it on my electric stove (it’s not flat-bottomed). Perhaps I’ll be able to season it and use it for the next recipe, but I might have to cut the recipe in half?

  4. Loved the Chinese Burmese Chili Chicken and that red chili (Anaheim) was nice and spicy. See blog for details.

  5. In the words of my husband, “Wow, that’s fantastic”! I love the Mason Jar idea and will give that a try in the future. I organized the ingredients in order of use, so that made the actual
    stir-frying go smoothly and insured that I didn’t leave out any of the ingredients. I used the fish sauce that Grace recommended and the taste of the dish was delicious!

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  7. Here’s my post. Loved this dish, and adore Big Red Kitchen’s idea of wrangling the prepped ingredients in jars. Pretty and practical.

  8. This is such a delicious stir-fry dish! Can’t wait to join Wok Wednesdays in a few weeks !

  9. I made this on the day, it’s just taken a while to actually post!

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  11. I know this is very late in the game, but better late than never. I’m trying to catch up.


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