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Giveaway – AvOmega Avocado Oil

If you’ve learned anything about stir-frying so far its that you need to have a high-smoke-point oil or else your kitchen is going to look like a bad horror movie. Avocado oil not only has an incredibly high smoke-point (520F) but it also has the added advantage of being super healthy! I’ve been using avocado oil for my stir-fries lately and I’m definitely hooked. One lucky Wokker is going to be hooked too, because Chosen Foods has graciously offered to give away a free bottle of AvOmega Avocado Oil! Here’s more about the oil:

Chosen Foods AvOmega Avocado Oil is the most versatile cooking oil you can have in your kitchen. Perfectly suited for high heat cooking, AvOmega is filtered using all natural methods. Other high heat cooking oils are heavily refined, genetically modified and rancid before you even get them home from the store. AvOmega on the other hand is naturally refined, using no chemicals or solvents to extract the oil. The natural fatty acid profile found in avocados protects the oil too, stabilizing it against rancidity. AvOmega is the healthiest choice for all your high heat cooking applications.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below and answer the following question:

What’s your favorite non-Asian dish to cook in a wok? Scrambled eggs, frying bacon? deep-frying French fries? Share your most creative use of the wok. 

The contest will be open until 11:59pm EST Monday, May 28th.


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  1. I cooked our entire breakfast this morning in my new wok.

    I started with cooked 3 slices of thick sliced pepper bacon. This is actually recommended by Grace Young as a method to season your pan. I can see why too as I watched the wok start to glow with every swirl of bacon fat. Sinful!

    After the bacon crisped up I put it on some paper towels to soak up some of the excess grease. I poured off most of the bacon fat the added an addition teaspoon, or so, of peanut oil in the pan. After swirling that around a bit I added some par boiled cubed red potatoes to the wok. I moved them around the pan a it then let them set to form a nice brown color.

    When the potatoes were almost finished I added some green onion to the wok. Swirled them around a bit until they all had a nice brown color then removed the potato mixture to a bowl.

    Turning the heat down a bit I added another teaspoon of peanut oil, I could have used butter here but decided to save a couple of calories plus I had butter on some corn on the cob last night and I try to ration my consumption as much as I can. Sorry, I digress, I swirled the oil around a bit and poured in some beaten eggs to scramble.

    Just when the eggs were almost finished I added the potatoes back into the wok. Stir fried a couple of minutes then served the mixture with the bacon on a whole wheat tortilla with homemade red chili mole sauce. Now that’s another blog.

  2. Suzanne Knibbs

    The wok is perfect for frying doughnuts- because it’s a larger surface area than a pot, you can fit in more doughnuts using less oil than a traditional pot, and it’s easier to flip them over too. 2 min. per side for perfect doughnuts with the authentic line in the middle.

    For safety’s sake,be careful not to fill the wok too full of oil- keep it between 1/4- 1/3 full max.

    All kinds of doughnuts work well, but if you keep crullers (choux-based dough) in the freezer, you can fry them straight from the freezer. They’re a neutral dough so the oil will be clean after frying them up, and then you can use the oil to fry anything else you were planning to fry, or pour it off & cool it down & filter to re-use next time.

  3. You can cook non-Asian foods in a wok?!! Lol…

  4. We live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and every spring have an abundance of soft shell crabs. We cook soft shells in our wok in peanut oil. Dredge the cleaned crabs in seasoned flour (Old Bay works great here.), then egg, and then 1 part all purpose flour and 1 part semolina flour with Cajun seasoning. Spiders of the sea. Quite a delicacy.

    • Have you made this Jason? In Chinese cuisine there are lots of savory egg custards that are steamed in the wok. I must say I never thought of creme brulee but it’s a natural.

  5. Toasted corn kernels for mexican salads

  6. I toast whole spices in my wok before grinding and preparing my own spice mixes. I also make concave Sri Lankan hoppers (sourdough crepes) in my wok.

  7. serena aldrich

    So many awesome ideas! I pretty much stir fry everything these days, but I’m always open to new ideas. I like scrambled eggs with random greens – spinach, kale, turnip – woks are great for eggs!

  8. i like to stir fry random veggies

  9. Who was that lucky winner of the avocado oil?

  10. Natividad Farias

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  11. Annamarie Netz

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  12. Good work! Thanks for sharing this ideas. I want to try this oil. This oil price?


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