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First Task – Seasoning your Wok (and a giveaway)

Ok wokkers – the big day is almost here! Before we get started though we need to get our woks ready, which means its time for a little seasoning. I posted earlier on how to season your wok:

How to Season Your Wok

Also, I have another giveaway to get you excited for our stir-fry start next week. I have another signed copy of Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge again. Not to worry if you missed out last week, here’s your second chance.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment and let me know how your seasoning session went! I’ll pick a winner next Monday.

And don’t forget that we get started with the first recipe next Wednesday! Stay-tuned for a post this weekend with more details. You can check out the upcoming recipe schedule here.


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  1. I seasoned two woks. One I had purchased about a month ago (12 inches) and then after attending Grace’s cooking class I ordered one from the Wok Shop (14 inches). I want to use both to test how cooking smaller quantities for one will work in the smaller wok. They turned out beautifully. I have pictures on my blog at

  2. I’ve washed, dried, heated and seasoned my wok..I am now ready to cook.

  3. My wok was seasoned very well, but within a few weeks it started to rust. I live right on the ocean. I have tried the paper bag trick. Any other ideas?

  4. bevwinchester

    I am studiously perusing Grace’s seasoning video & getting ready!

  5. I’ve submitted several replies and don’t see them posted. One was abouit seasoning my woks this past week. Can you provide feedback if they are not within your rules?

  6. I am so ready to go. My Wok is ready to stir fry some spinach! Let’s do this.


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