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On the heels of our very first Wok Wednesday giveaway (the prize? A 14″ carbon steel wok from The Wok Shop!) I’m going to keep the momentum going and announce this week’s giveaway:

So you’ve got your wok, but now you need the cookbook. If you’re lucky you could be receiving a SIGNED COPY of Stir Frying to the Sky’s Edge, winner of the James Beard Foundation Best International Cookbook Award! Grace Young and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, have graciously agreed to donate a cookbook for Wok Wednesdays!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below and let me know the BEST Chinese food experience you’ve ever had.

It’s that easy! You have until 11:59pm EST next Saturday, May 5th to enter!

Good luck!

– Matt


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  1. I just had a cooking class from Grace and I loved her philosophy of wok cooking. I appreciated her stories and background information to explain why she cooks the way she cooks. I want to participate in this Wok Wednesday group as a beginner because all of my experience with local Chinese cooking is mostly over-cooked, inferior ingredients masked by too much spice, fat and sugar. Thnk you for starting this group.

  2. My best experience by far was Grace’s class tonight!

  3. My best Chinese Food experience was going to a chinese restaurant for Chinese New Years with a Chinese Coworker and learning about some of their customs both in how they celebrate the New Year and what dishes are typically served during that time and why. The food was great too but the knowledge was an additional treat.

  4. My best experience has to be on a birthday when I was a very young girl and my father introduced me to his friend George who owned a restaurant in Flushing Queens called Lums. George was a Flying Tiger in World War II and a very funny man. He asked me what I liked to eat, and I told him. Within half an hour there was a feast on the table, which consisted of everything I loved and some dishes I didn’t even know I loved. I think I had lamb for the first time in his restaurant!
    After that I never looked at his menu again, and I asked to be taken there for every birthday.
    It was a very sad day when Lums closed.

  5. When I was in the Navy and stationed at Pearl Harbor in the late 1980s, I used to go to this little convenience store that also made Chinese food. We would go there late at night, after drinking a few beers. The old man working the store would stir fry some rice and a meat dish. We would just say the meat and he would cook something. We called him “Pops” and we would walk in and say “Pops make me something with chicken tonight.” Pops was very old and as we would eat he would tell us about his life and how Hawaii was before it was a state. His food and stories were always amazing.

  6. The best Chinese food I’ve had so far was in Center City Philadelphia at a restaurant frequented by lots of Asians. We joined a group of friends – who had been there before – and they ordered some of the best food I’ve ever tasted!

  7. My best experience is probably the reason I bought Grace’s books and today received my Kahuna XL Burner. A carry out Chinese meat roasting restaurant in San Francisco produced the most amazing wok cooked green beans I have ever eaten. I suspect it was loaded with wok hei, the green beans were perfectly cooked, both crispy and tender. I would have never believed a cooked green bean could be that crisp…… and I eat a lot of green bean dishes at chinese restaurants and cook a lot myself. I’ve had that particular green bean dish 8 or 10 times, but that one time is what legends are made of, and ultimately the reason I found this blog via the Wok Shop’s website.

  8. Becky Ackerman

    I love Chinese Food and growing up in the San Francisco area I have had some wonderful experiences. The best experience I have had lately is taking my 5 year old granddaughter on a “field trip” to a wonderful Asian Market. She was amazed by all the fish and wonderful vegetables. We purchased many items to make a wonderful dinner. She loves to cook with me and did as much prep as she could. Grandma has been working hard to learn her way around a wok much better and dinner came out great! My granddaughter is coming to stay with me for a week and we are making some more Chinese and going on another trip to another store. Before I located this page I had just downloaded the first chapter from Grace’s book on my PC and have been reading it. Wonderful information. I’m excited to get the book-what fun it would be to win it! I am also looking into getting up to the Wok Shop and would love to join in the class.

  9. Our best Chinese food experience was in Rockville, MD at a restaurant called China Jade. What we learned was to order off their Chinese menu instead of the Americanized menu.

  10. I started WOK cooking as an addition to my weight loss journey. I’ve bought a WOK in New York’s Chinatown and have purchased hight heat cooking oils. i now experiment with lots of different veggies chopped and different spices. It is great

  11. My best chinese food experience was in Hong Kong when one of my suppliers took me to the fish market. He selected a lobster and had the restaurant there cook it for us in what I think was a garlic and chili sauce. OMG was it good. When he saw how much I liked it, he ordered another one. We sat there for quite a while eating. It is one of my fondest food memories ever.

  12. Dusty Griffiths

    My best restaurant experience was being near Chicago on business with my husband. We asked the Asian motel desk clerk for a good ‘real’ Chinese restaurant and were sent to a little hole in the wall place. It was family run, and we asked if the food was ‘real’ or ‘Americanized’. After they were sure we wanted the Hunan and Szechuan meals like they ate them, we were treated to some of the finest Chinese food we’ve ever had. The Father even came out to chat after we asked to send our compliments to the chef, and we ended up basically having dinner with them, and several more dishes to choose from. We ate there all 4 nights we were there, and I was allowed into the kitchen to watch him cook, wow. I still aspire to make dishes almost as good as their cooking. maybe Grace Young’s book would help. A couple years later we made a major detour to go back there, but there was a fancy strip mall where their restaurant was, and although we asked around, we couldn’t find their restaurant.

  13. I had a trip to Seattle once, and although I can’t remember the name of the restaurant that we ate at… it was beyond delicious. It drives me mad to this day that I didn’t remember it’s name as I have such a desire to return! The food… was amazing. Brought out in courses, each one was better than the last. Just delicious!

  14. No doubt in my mind: Andrea Reusing’s extraordinary dinner at Lantern held in honor of Grace Young!

  15. Wow, that was many years ago. My wife and I went out to dinner with another couple and the other guy did all the ordering. He was a bit of an expert and the meal ended up being a gourmet experience like we’d never had before. That was the first time I ever had a lettuce wrap. I still love them today.

  16. My mom made wok dinners often when I was a child. Loved them all, but especially the ones that included fried wontons or shrimp toasts

  17. I cooked our entire breakfast this morning in my new wok and it was an incredible experience.

    I started with cooked 3 slices of thick sliced pepper bacon. This is actually recommended by Grace Young as a method to season your pan. I can see why too as I watched the wok start to glow with every swirl of bacon fat. Sinful!

    After the bacon crisped up I put it on some paper towels to soak up some of the excess grease. I poured off most of the bacon fat the added an addition teaspoon, or so, of peanut oil in the pan. After swirling that around a bit I added some par boiled cubed red potatoes to the wok. I moved them around the pan a it then let them set to form a nice brown color.

    When the potatoes were almost finished I added some green onion to the wok. Swirled them around a bit then removed the potato mixture to a bowl.

    Turning the heat down a bit I added another teaspoon of peanut oil, I could have used butter here but decided to save a couple of calories plus I had butter on some corn on the cob last night and I try to ration my consumption as much as I can. Sorry, I digress, I swirled the oil around a bit and poured in some beaten eggs to scramble.

    Just when the eggs were almost finished I added the potatoes back into the wok. Stir fried a couple of minutes then served the mixture with the bacon on a whole wheat tortilla with homemade red chili mole sauce. Now that’s another blog.

    This was delicious and the wok did not stick to speak of. Maybe a little here and there when I was doing the potatoes but it was quickly lifted off the surface with all of the stirring action.

    • bevwinchester

      That sounds delicious- thank you for sharing!

      • You are very welcome. I am having so much fun with the wok, it can easily be a tool I use every day. I love to cook and what a difference the right tools make. Do you have a blog I can follow?

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