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How to Season a Wok

So you’ve gotten your wok and are ready to get to stir-frying. First things first – you need to season it. It might sound scary, but as Grace shows us below it’s really quite simple!


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  1. Great video! Thanks for posting.

  2. This is how I seasoned my wok and it worked wonderfully. Bonus – your kitchen smells like ginger and scallions for hours!

  3. Which of course may make you very hungry.

  4. I wonder what happens if you (ie. me) mess up the seasoning of the wok… Can I re-season it?

  5. Yes, you can re-season the wok. Or if you start cooking with your wok and then stop cooking for a few months your wok may develop a little rust or there may be a sticky residue on the inside surface. This is common with newly seasoned woks. You can do the wok facial and then reseason the wok.

  6. Grace, I notice that The Wok Shop suggests oiling and baking the wok before doing the Scallion stir fry. Is there any benefit to this?

  7. Just about to season my wok today. It;s been ages since I’ve wokked..glad to be back!

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  9. Just about to season my newly purchased wok and feel confident after watching this video. Love Grace’s voice and the baby cooing quietly in the background, both are so calming.


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