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Welcome to Wok Wednesdays!

Inspired by the group Tuesdays With Dorie, and encouraged by some fellow foodies, I’ve decided to start a bi-weekly cooking group that is all about the wok! We’ll be cooking our way through Grace Young’s Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, a must-have cookbook for any wok enthusiast.

Whether you are a season wok-star or a wok newbie, you’ll definitely have fun as we share our stories and experiences from cooking the recipes.

To get started check out the following links:

  • About
  • The Book
  • Rules & Equipment

We’ll be starting off on Wednesday, May 16th. The recipe and schedule for the rest of May will be up towards the end of April.


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  1. I would love to be a part of this. I am a newbie to wokking.

  2. This is perfect for newbie wokkers. We’ll start off with easy recipes and slowly graduate into the more advanced stir-fries. Welcome to Wok Wednesdays!

  3. Check out Grace Young’s article in the June/July 2012 issue of Fine Cooking: Wok This Way!

  4. Debbie Alston

    I received my new wok from the Wok Shop today and immediately seasoned it. I remembered Grace saying how it was important to “bond with your wok”. As I was stir-frying my scallions and ginger, I was thinking….I’m bonding with my wok! OK, I’m ready to wok now. My wok is a beautiful golden patina and is saying “Wok with me”!!

    • Debbie Alston

      By the way, thanks to Tane for the great video on Seasoning your wok, and to Grace for the demonstration at the cooking class in Dallas.


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