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  1. I’m in! Just got a wok! Kathy Gori

  2. I have a decent wok that should work; it has not been used much! Ordered the book yesterday, so I just might venture into this with y’all! Yes, I am a Texan, can you tell?

    • I’m about to come to Texas to teach some classes for Central Market. I’ll be in Austin this sunday, Dallas 4/30; Ft Worth 5/1, and Plano 5/2. In any case, get ready to “stur-fry!”

  3. Just ordered my cookbook. This is going to be great!

  4. all signed and ready grace Sita

  5. I’m in,! Just attended Grace’s Class in Central Market, Dallas. Bought two of her cookbooks. I already have a new wok that I will be seasoning ASAP! Can’t wait to get started!!!

  6. I’m in, too! I,too, just attended Grace’s class at Dallas Central Market and can’t wait to begin! Thanks for a great class tonight!


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